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Kids love to laugh and smile, and parents know it takes quality dental care to keep those smiles sparkling!  At Childrens Dental Group, our dentists - many of whom are moms and dads with small children themselves - have been providing our patients with sparkling smiles since 1977.

The Ventura Childrens Dental Group, like all our locations, is fun and kid-friendly with warm, caring doctors and staff.

Our caring professionals help their young patients establish habits that will lead to a lifetime of excellent dental health. Starting with a child’s very first visit at one year of age, our dentists assess and address the child’s needs. If corrective actions are needed, our doctors consult with the parents about the best course of action. As the child grows, our pediatric dentists teach them techniques that will help them keep their teeth healthy and bright.

As pediatric dental specialists, our professionals are specially trained to give children the gentle care and reassurance they need at every step, so that each visit helps build trust with our young patients. And parents don’t need to worry about finding a different dentist for big brother and big sister; they are welcome as well. Teens appreciate our direct approach and useful, one-on-one information. Parents can feel confident that their children of all ages are treated with respect and are given the personal care and attention they need.

The Ventura Childrens Dental Group office is pleased to serve families in Ventura, Ojai and Santa Paula.

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